Oftelie, A.M. (2017). Report from the 2017 Human Services Summit at Harvard University: The next generation of human services: Realizing the vision. Cambridge, MA: Leadership for a Networked World.

Year: 2016


This summary synthesizes findings from the 2017 Health and Human Services Summit: Creating the Future of Outcomes and Impact. The summit provided an unparalleled opportunity to learn from and network with the world’s foremost human services practitioners, Harvard faculty and researchers, and select industry experts. In particular, this report contains special sections on 1) an ideation session focused on how to design and sustain a generative ecosystem and 2) the “Human Progress and Human Services 2035” initiative. The report also delves into three case studies highlighting leadership in human services organizations striving to advance along the Health and Human Services Value Curve and create dynamic and collaborative ecosystems.

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