Alley, D.E., Asomugha, C.N., Conway, P.H., & Sanghavi, D.M. (2016). Accountable health communities: Addressing social needs through Medicare and Medicaid. New England Journal of Medicine, 374(1), 8-11.

Year: 2016


This perspective article examines the Accountable Health Community (AHC) model, in which the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) invested a 5-year, $157 million test program. The foundation of this model is universal, comprehensive screening for health-related social needs in all Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries who obtain health care at participating clinical sites. The AHC model aims to address these underlying health-related social needs through three tiers of approaches, with each tier linked to a payment method. The AHC model reflects a growing emphasis on population health in CMS payment policy, which aims to support a transition from a health care delivery system to a true health system. Key features of the AHC model are described.

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