Cantor, J., Mikkelsen, L., Simons, B., & Waters, R. (2013, January). How can we pay for a healthy population? Innovative new ways to redirect funds to community prevention. Oakland, CA: Prevention Institute.

Year: 2013


In this brief, four promosing approaches for sustainably generating resources to pay for community prevention within and outside the health care system are described: wellness trusts, social impact bonds/health impact bonds, community benefits from non-profit hospitals, and Accountable Care Organizations. These approaches represent those that stood out based on a broad scan of the academic and grey literature and popular media, as well as discussions with key informants in the field. The intent of this brief is to catalyze further discussion and analysis. Each of the four approaches profiled has the potential to sustainably generate funding for community prevention and is either being put into practice or is in the process of being piloted by health systems and/or local and state governments.

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