Edmonds, A., Braveman, P., Arkin, E., & Jutte, D. (2015). Making the case for linking community development and health: A resource for those working to improve low-income communities and the lives of the people living in them. San Francisco, CA: Center on Social Disparities in Health.

Year: 2015


This report seeks to increase knowledge of shared values and goals and raise awareness of how organizations are working together across the country at the intersection of community development and health. This report examines the following questions: What do community development and health have in common?; How do neighborhood conditions shape health?; How can the community development and health sectors connect and collaborate?; How have joint community development-health initiatives been financed?; What are the barriers to working at the intersection of community development and health and how can they be overcome? ; and why and how should the health impact of community development initiatives be measured? The appendix provides examples of specific efforts linking community development and health.

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