Daniel-Robinson, L, & Moore, J.E. (2019, January). Innovation and opportunities to address social determinants of health in Medicaid managed care. Washington, DC: Institute for Medicaid Innovation.

Year: 2019


This article identifies opportunities within the Medicaid program to identify and address the unmet social needs and risk factors that have a significant impact on health outcomes and costs. With access to enrollee health data, Medicaid managed care organizations (MMCOs), with the support of state Medicaid agencies and community-based organizations (CBOs), are well positioned to coordinate both the health and social components of care that will have the most influence on the outcomes of individual enrollees (and families). However, better coordination, supported by state policy and financial mechanisms, might be needed to improve MMCOs’ capacity to fulfill this opportunity. The extent to which the Medicaid program can successfully address the social determinants of health could have a substantial impact on population health.

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