Hester, J. A., Auerbach, J., Seeff, L., Wheaton, J., Brusueals, K., & Singleton, C. (2016). CDC’s 6|18 Initiative: Accelerating evidence into action. Washington, DC: National Academy of Medicine.


This paper presents a conceptual framework for the 6|18 Initiative and summarizes the criteria and process for selecting the 6 conditions and 18 interventions. Next, it describes how the CDC is building deeper partnerships: one with eight state Medicaid programs through the creation of a learning collaborative, and the second with a group of private commercial payers. Finally, the paper offers some thoughts on how to assess the success of the initiative and how to build on the relationships that are being created. The 6|18 Initiative is a key component of CDC’s third strategic direction of strengthening public health and health care collaboration in the context of the rapidly transforming health care system. The initiative is intended to explore new ways that the public health community can add value to other stakeholders and model more effective ways of collaborating with payers, providers, and communities. This requires explicitly addressing barriers to effective partnerships, such as learning the culture of other stakeholders, understanding how to articulate a convincing business case, and addressing operational barriers to broad spread.

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