The Human Services Council of New York Commision on Value-Based Care. (2018). Integrating health and human services: A blueprint for partnership and action. New York, NY: Author.

Year: 2018


The New York Human Services Council (HSC) convened the Commission on Valuebased Care to examine and inform the State’s health care reform efforts with a human services CBO lens. Over the course of a year, this group of leaders with experience and expertise spanning government, health care, philanthropy, academia, and human services explored areas including social determinant interventions, outcome measurement, the current regulatory, contractual, and financial environment, and human services organizations’ readiness to participate in value-based payment arrangements. The Commission found that the paradigm shift from volume-driven to value-driven care presents both great opportunity and great challenges for human services CBOs, and that government, as the principal buyer of their services until now, must take decisive action to strengthen these organizations, modernize the regulatory framework within which they operate, and foster cross-sector partnerships that truly incentivize positive outcomes. This report offers recommendations that will allow human services CBOs to become true partners that are actively contracting with health systems, such that all parties—providers, payers, and those receiving services—reap the long-term benefits of a system that fosters collaboration and rewards coordination and prevention.

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