Kottke, T.E., Stiefel, M., & Pronk, N.P. (2016). Well-being in all policies: Promoting cross-sectoral collaborations to improve people’s lives. Preventing Chronic Diseases, 14(13), E52.

Year: 2016


In this article, the authors suggest that in the US the expression “well-being in all policies” be used instead of “health in all policies.” The authors argue that adopting this convention could avoid the problems caused when health care policy is conflated with health policy. It may also increase the willingness of policy makers in all sectors to discuss how their policies add to or detract from the overall well-being of the individuals and populations they serve. Well-being is a widely endorsed concept and is associated with positive outcomes for individuals, organizations, and populations. Finally, it is measurable, modifiable, and influential.

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