Meiners, M.R., Mokler, P.M., Kasunic, M.L., Hawthornthwaite, S., Foster, S., Scheer, D., & Maldonado, A.M. (2014). Insights from a pilot program to integrate medical and social services. Home Health Care Quarterly, 33(3),121-136.

Year: 2014


This study examines lessons learned from the design, implementation, and early results of an integrated managed care pilot program linking member benefits of a Medicare-Medicaid health care plan with community services and supports. The health plan’s average monthly costs for members receiving an assessment and services declined by an economically meaningful, statistically significant amount in the postintervention period relative to the preintervention period compared with those who did not accept an assessment or services. The results along with the lesson learned from the pilot are viewed by the parties as supportive of further program development.

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