Rosenbaum, S., Riley, T., Bradley, A.L., Veghte, B.W., & Rosenthal, J. (2017). Strengthening Medicaid as a critical lever in building a culture of health. Washington, DC:  National Academy of Social Insurance.

Year: 2017


This report argues that Medicaid functions as a key economic engine, anchoring health care services in communities., and an important entry-point for human/social services. As Medicaid expands it gains leverage to direct changes in how healthcare services are delivered. Medicaid faces several challenges including: 1) poverty and an aging population; 2) cost of transformation; 3) complexity of transformation; 4) social services are necessary to support health; 5) continuity of coverage and equity in eligibility; 6) Infrastructure for health care is fragmented; and 7) risks/rewards that are not properly allocated.

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