Chen, M.A., Unruh, M.A., Pesko, M.F., Jung, H., Miranda, Y., Cea, M., Garcel, J.M., & Casalino, L.P. (2016, April). The role of hospitals in improving non-medical determinants of community population health. New York, NY: New York State Health Foundation.

Year: 2016


This report examines how hospitals can define the population to which they are accountable, either as the patients attributed to them by payers, and/or as the people living in the surrounding communities. They can focus on medical care and/or create initiatives that impact the non-medical determinants of health for that population. Hospital executives are the key decision makers who should be informed that low-cost programs are available to their orgs. Hospitals with large community market share are more likely to self-initiate such programs.

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