Haber, S., Beil, H., Adamache, W., Amico, P., Beadles, C., Berzin, O., … Wright, A. (2017). Evaluation of the Maryland all-payer model. Waltham, MA: RTI International.

Year: 2017


This report describes findings from the first 2 years of the evaluation of the All-Payer Model in Maryland. The report covers 2 1/2 years of the implementation of the All-PayerModel, focusing on the most recent year (July 2015–June 2016) and outcomes for 2 years for fee-forservice Medicare beneficiaries (January 2014– December 2015). The evaluation of the Maryland All-Payer Model is based on a mixed-methods design, using both qualitative (telephone interviews with key informants and in-person hospital site visits comprising individual interviews and focus groups) and quantitative (comparing changes in trends from a 3-year baseline period to the first 2 years after implementation of the Maryland All-Payer Model for selected outcomes for fee-for-service Medicare beneficiaries in Maryland, with matched comparison hospitals and market areas)methods and data to assess both the implementation and the outcomes of the model. Key expenditure and utilization findings for the Medicare population are summarized. The first 2 years of the Maryland AllPayer Model evaluation showed success in achieving some goals of the model, but ongoing challenges in achieving others. The successes are particularly notable because hospitals varied considerably in the extent to which they had made changes to adapt to the All-Payer Model.

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