Sharfstein, J.M., Gerovich, S., Moriarty, E., & Chin, D.C. (2017, August 16). An emerging approach to payment reform: All-payer global budgets for large safety-net hospital systems. Washington, DC: The Commonwealth Fund.

Year: 2017


This article assesses the feasibility and likely outcomes of implementing global all-payer budgets in hospital systems in the United States, particularly in large safety-net hospital systems. The article reviews this concept based on the experiences of global hospital budgeting programs implemented in Maryland and planned for Pennsylvania. The article concludes that to be successful, all-payer global hospital budgeting requires a vision for transformation, an operational strategy, and an environment conducive to success. Key considerations for adopting this approach include whether alternative payment methods can accomplish the same goals, whether a sufficient reference population can be defined to guide year-over-year budget adjustments, and whether a strong governance structure can be established and sustained.

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