Brown, C., & Cintron, L. (2016). The New Brunswick Ciclovia evaluation report. New Brunswick, NJ: The Alan M. Voorhees Transportation Center.

Year: 2016


This report documents and evaluates the overall success and effectiveness of New Brunswick’s first Ciclovia, an event where roads are closed to motorized vehicle to create a free-form event that welcomes participants of all ages and abilities to enjoy physical activity and recreation in a safe and inclusive environment. The research team collected data by administering intercept surveys—in-person surveys—to Ciclovia attendees on the day of the October 2016 Ciclovia. Surveys were administered in three locations along the entirety of the Ciclovia route. The program was found to effectively increased the health and wellness of attendees on the day of the event, and two-thirds reported meeting or exceeding the CDC recommendation of 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week, and participating in activity longer at Ciclovia than when they normally exercise. The report discusses analysis of survey responses, coupled with attendee counts yielded a number of program successes and opportunities for enhancements.

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