The Commonwealth Fund. No date. HNHC Payments for Social Services Calculator (BETA) [Web site].

Year: No date


This calculator is designed to assist community-based organizations and their medical partners in creating mutually advantageous financial arrangements for funding the delivery of social services to high-need, high-cost (HNHC) populations. These populations, which account for a disproportionately large share of health care expenditures, often have clinically complex conditions, cognitive or physical limitations, and/or behavioral health problems. These complex care populations are likely to benefit most from a holistic model of care that addresses the social determinants of health. This financial tool will calculate the return on investment (ROI) from integrating social services with medical care. The calculator will compare how the financial returns and risks could be divided between the cross-sectional partners (social service and medical) under a variety of payment arrangements and levels. First, the user must populate initial screens with the inputs including target population, utilization, costs, and other key variables required for the tool to generate results.

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