Kohli, J., & De Biasi, A. (2017). Supporting healthy communities: How rethinking the funding approach can break down silos and promote health and health equity. The Deloitte Center for Government Insights.

Year: 2017


This report presents the findings of a collaborative study by the Trust for American’s Health and Monitor Deloitte. A series of expert interviews and workshops were conducted in 2016 with the aim of identifying ways to leverage the growing focus on social determinants of health and increase in value-based incentive structures to move toward a system that supports health both inside and beyond the doctor’s office. The result—the Healthy Communities Funding Hub model—offers a way to bridge a gap in many communities where there is no existing infrastructure for sustainably funding multi-sector (and multi-funding-stream) efforts to improve health. The report describes the roles and functions of a hub, and provides examples of a hub model.

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