Tabbush, V. (2012). Overview of preparing community-based organizations for successful health care partnerships (Report). Long Beach, CA: The Scan Foundation.

Year: 2012


To better understand specific opportunities for partnerships between community-based long-term services and healthcare systems in California, the Scan Foundation developed this series of background briefs. Health care reform generally, and more specifically the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), will continue to dramatically impact organizations in the health sector far into the future. Community-based organizations (CBOs) that can provide support services such as care transitions, chronic disease management, medication management, nutrition, transportation, home and family assessments, health benefits counseling, and caregiver support to the healthcare sector are well-positioned to exploit the opportunities created by health care reform by providing these services in partnerships with the health care sector. In this new environment, CBOs can make a convincing business case that their services create value for their potential clients and partners (hospitals, post-acute care providers, provider networks, and insurers) in excess of what the clients will be asked to pay for them. Furthermore, CBOs can demonstrate that they are the most cost-effective entities to provide these services.

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