Wilson, M.G., Lavis, L.N., & Guta, A. (2012). Community-based organizations in the health sector: A scoping review. Health Research Policy and Systems, 10(36).

Year: 2012


This article shows the variety of terms that refer to community-based organizations and provides a broad overview of the most common types of partnerships between community-based organizations and the healthcare sector. A large number of different terms have been used in the literature to describe community-based organizations and the literature addresses a range of topics about them (mandate, structure, revenue sources and type and skills or skill mix of staff), the involvement of community members in organizations, how organizations contribute to community organizing and development and how they function in networks with each other and with government (e.g., in policy networks). Given the range of terms used to describe community-based organizations, this scoping review can be used to further map their meanings/definitions to develop a more comprehensive typology and understanding of community-based organizations. This information can be used in further investigations about the ways in which community-based organizations can be engaged in health system decision-making and the mechanisms available for facilitating or supporting their engagement.

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